Bohemian Galaxy

A sci fi actual play podcast using the Savage Worlds rule system. A show about some idiots trying not to kill themselves or each other. The story is sequential so it’s best to listen from the first episode but there’s no harm in listening to them out of order.

Two episodes a month, we try to get them out by the 1st and 15th.

Atlas Stellarum – Ep. 2: Fungus Amongus

The gang heads into town where their problems quickly mushroom. A bizarre sickness has infected the townsfolk, the source of which points towards the new portal. Closing in on the portal and the missing robot scout, not everyone will make it through unscathed.

Atlas Stellarum Ep. 1 – A Hole, New World

GM Drew introduces the world of Atlas Stellarum and the Gateway Consortium. Mercurio (TJ), Laniakea (Travis), Orion (Kelly), Captain XO (Justin) and his faithful horn dog Chocolates, are out to find a robot scout that went missing after signaling the discovery of a portal network that may lead to an unexplored sector of the galaxy.