Atlas Stellarum Ep. 1 – A Hole, New World

GM Drew introduces the world of Atlas Stellarum and the Gateway Consortium. Mercurio (TJ), Laniakea (Travis), Orion (Kelly), Captain XO (Justin) and his faithful horn dog Chocolates, are out to find a robot scout that went missing after signaling the discovery of a portal network that may lead to an unexplored sector of the galaxy.

Interlude: Goblinville II

After an unconscionably long and totally unplanned hiatus, we’re back with the conclusion of our Goblinville Interlude!

After defeating a single mother in hand to hand combat, our band of Goblin scavengers proceed to Mirror Hill in search of their lost boss.

Diggle and Scrillex set the town on fire while Gorefat and Stabby try to handle a lubed up shaft…We’re back, baby!